Autel Evo II Pro V3 6k Rugged Version


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  • Capture 6K Video & 20MP Photos
  • Variable Aperture from f/2.8 to f/11
  • 1″ Sensor with ISO up to 12,800
  • 12-Sensor Obstacle Avoidance
For professionals that need more control, the EVO II PRO 6K Drone from Autel offers you a gimbal camera with a variable aperture of f/2.8 to f/11, giving you wide-ranging adjustment over how much light gets into the 6K 1″ sensor.

Available on backorder


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Autel EVO II Pro Rugged

  • Autel EVO II Pro ultra-HD camera done featured a 1-inch sensor with 6k resolution. Capture stunning detail not previously possible on an aerial platform of this size. An adjustable aperture, HDR and intuitive camera controls make this the perfect choice for any aerial cinematographer or mapping pilot.
  • The EVO II and EVO II PRO are similar drones but the difference between the 2 lays in the camera: indeed, EVO II comes with an 1/2″ camera that’s capable of shooting 8K video and 48MP stills. The EVO II Pro features a 1″ sensor that has an adjustable aperture and can shoot 6K video. We would recommend the the EVO II PRO for drone pilots who are looking for a more “professional” use for their drone such as cinematography, photography or mapping.

evo 2 pro 6k camera

Autel EVO II Pro 6K Camera:

1. 1-inch sensor & Adjustable aperture

  • EVO II Pro 6k drone featured Ultra-HD camera with a 1-inch sensor: Takes photos with a resolution of up to 5472 x 3648, and records 5.5K video at 60 fps or 4K video at 120 fps, with a bit rate of up to 120 Mbps. The lens aperture is adjustable within the range of f/2.8 to f/11.

2. Variety of shooting modes

  • All three camera modules support a variety of shooting modes, including: Single-shot; Burst shooting; Auto exposure bracketing (AEB); Time-lapse; High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging; NIGHTBEAT (high signal-to-noise ratio)

3. Connect Autel Live Deck to display live on any device

  • A high-definition live feed from the EVO 2 drone camera can be displayed on your remote control’s screen or connect with Autel Live Deck to displayed on any device including computer, tv, phone, etc. Of course, Images and videos can be stored in the aircraft’s onboard memory or on a micro SD card.

4. Adjust field-of-view to any angle from 0° to 90° while flying

  • EVO II Pro Drone contains a high-precision 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady while the aircraft is flying, ensuring image stability and clarity. Also, You can use the remote control’s gimbal pitch dial to adjust the pitch axis to any angle from 0° to 90° at any time.

5. Cameras interchangeable

  • Autel EVO II Series Dones is one aircraft with three camera options. All cameras for Evo II can be purchased separately and are interchangeable!

Autel EVO II Pro Rugged Kit

  • Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Drone Rugged Bundle contains drones and accessories in a military-grade hard case for easy transport and gives your gear ultimate protection.
  • EVO II 6K Rugged Bundle kit designed with First-Responders, Law Enforcement, and Commercial application in mind to protects your gear from water and dust. The custom-designed foam insert from GPC allows space to carry your EVO aircraft, up to three additional batteries, remote controller, charger, propellers, and up to a 10″ tablet.
  • Note: Picture of Hard case is for reference only, the exact package content please refer  to the package list as below.

evo 2 pro hard case

Autel EVO II Pro Features:

1. Unmatched Flight Time

  • Autel EVO 2 Pro comes standard with a 7100mAh rechargeable battery. Providing up to 40min of flight time in forward motion to up to 9km away and 35min at a hover. And top speed up to 45MPH, additionally There is no geofencing or cellular service restrictions on any of EVO II. EVO II PRO also uses our patented Battlock system to guard against battery ejection in high-speed maneuvers or hard landings.
EVO 2 Pro battery life
  • As far as we are concerned, the 40 minute flight time you can get with Autel EVO 2 PRO is clearly unmatched. This is the best we’ve seen for a consumer drone and it will clearly change the way people fly around. Get 2 batteries and you can pilot the drone for 1.5h! How great is that?

2. Excellent  Range & 360° Obstacle Avoidance

  • EVO 2 PRO is equipped with 12 computer vision sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and AI machine learning that creates an omni-directional protection. Indeed, the drone is capable of detecting and avoiding potential hazards at up to 30m away which provides an excellent safety and security while piloting and flying the drone at high speed. You are in full control while using the drone at its full capabilities.

autel evo 2 pro 12 sensors

  • EVO 2 PRO is now able to be controlled at up to 9km away which is extraordinary range for this type of consumer drone. This has never been done before and EVO 2 PRO is really revolutionizing the way drones work and what future drones will be capable of. The signal is also stronger which means there is really no risk of flying that far.
autel evo 2 pro 360° obstacle avoidance

3. AI Enhanced Dynamic Track

  • EVO II Pro smart tracking uses deep learning algorithms to automatically track the selected subject while avoiding obstacles during flight. The function can track the subject in three modes: behind, side-by-side, or fixed position.

Autel EVO II Pro Specifications:


  • Max speed:
    Standard: 15m/s;
    Ludicrous: 20m/s
  • Max Service Ceiling: 7000m
  • Max Flight Time:
    Hover: 35min;
    Moving: 40min
  • Transmission Type: FCC: 2.4GHz ALink
  • Max Transmission Distance: 9km
  • Storage :
    Internal: 8GB;
    Max SD: 128GB
  • Battery Type: LiPo 3s
  • Battery Size: 7100mAh
  • Controller Screen: 3.3in OLED 330 Nits
  • Controller Battery: 5000mAh
  • Wheelbase:15.62″ (397mm)
  • Takeoff Weight: 2.48 – 2.62 lbs (1127g-1192g)
  • Sensing Type: 12 Omnidirectional computer vision sensors
  • Detection Range:
    Forward: .5m – 40m;
    Backward: .5m – 32m;
    Upward: .5m – 24m;
    Downward: .5m – 22m; Sides: .5m – 24m
  • FOV:
    Forward: Horizontal 60 Degree Vertical 80 Degree;
    Backward: Horizontal 60 Degree Vertical 80 Degree;
    Upward: Horizontal 60 Degree Vertical 50 Degree;
    Downward: Horizontal 60 Degree Vertical 50 Degree


  • Sensor: 1” 6k
  • Sensor Type: Sony IMX383
  • Max Resolution:
    Stills: 5472 x 3648;
    Video: 5472 x 3076
  • Format: MOV/MP4
  • Codec:H.264/H.265
  • HDR Support: Yes
  • AF Support: Yes
  • Defog: Yes
  • Histogram: Yes
  • 10-Bit Log: Yes
  • Aperture: F2.8-f/11
  • Zoom: 1-8x (4x lossless)
  • ISO Range:
    Video: 100 – 6400;
    Photo:100 – 12800

What’s in the box?

EVO II Pro Rugged Kit:

  • 1x Aircraft, Battery and Gimbal Holder
  • 1x Extra Battery
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Remote Control Cable – Type B
  • 3x Propellers (pairs)
  • 1x Hard Case
  • 2x USB connection cable ( Micro Type B & Type C)
  • 1x Packing List
  • 1x Quick Guide
  • 1x Disclaimer & Safety Instructions
  • 1x Battery Safe Use Guide
autel evo 2 6k cam rugged kit



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