DJI FPV Drone Combo


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  • Immersive Flight Experience [1]
  • 4K/60fps Super-Wide 150° FOV [2]
  • HD Low-Latency Video Transmission[3]
  • Brand-New S Mode
  • Emergency Brake and Hover [4]

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DJI FPV Drone Combo

The DJI FPV Drone Combo includes the DJI FPV Drone, DJI FPV Goggles V2, DJI Controller V2 and accessories.

Experience the thrill of FPV flight with the DJI FPV Drone Combo – which offers an immersive flight experience and can capture cinematic FPV footage.

Record 4K/60fps video at up to 120Mbps and feel a rush of adrenaline as the drone whizzes through the air at speeds of up to 87 mph. Be sucked into the action through the super-wide-angle FOV, while low-latency HD video transmission at up to 120fps gives you an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight.

Three intuitive flight modes ensure the drone can be enjoyed by beginners, all the way through to seasoned FPV pilots, while the aircraft’s capabilities are ideal for FPV drone racing and capturing cinematic FPV content.

So What features do we love:

Immersive Flying Experience

Step into the sky with the goggles, HD low-latency image transmission, and limitless flight control. [1]

Easy to Use

Multiple flight modes let users of any level fly, and the ultra-intuitive DJI Motion Controller provides stunningly intuitive control. [6]

Ready to Fly

DJI FPV comes fully assembled, with everything you need for a seamless, hassle-free flight experience. Repairs and fast and easy thanks to a modular design with easily replaceable parts.

High-Quality Video

Ensure footage is as breathtaking as the experience with 4K/60fps video and a super-wide 150° FOV. [2]

Advanced Safety Features

Fly confidently thanks to the Emergency Brake and Hover feature [4], RTH, an auxiliary bottom light [4], and other advanced safety features.

What’s included:-

1 x DJI FPV Drone
1 x Intelligent Flight Battery
4 x Pairs of Propellers
1 x Gimbal Protector
1 x Top Shell
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Pair of Control Sticks
1 x DJI FPV Goggles V2
4 x DJI FPV Goggles Antenna (Dual Band)
1 x DJI GFPV Goggles Battery
1 x DJI FPV Goggles Power Cable (USB-C)
1 x DJI FPV Goggles Headband

1. Before flying DJI FPV make sure you know local laws and regulations. Ensure that your flights are conducted safely and in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

2. The 150° FOV is only applicable when shooting at 50 or 100 fps.

3. UK CE-compliant. Measurements were taken in unobstructed environments free of interference. Always follow local rules and regulations and fly your drone within your visual line of sight unless otherwise permitted.

4. Obstacle sensing is only available when the aircraft is in N mode. In this mode, DJI FPV will automatically decelerate when it detects obstacles, but it will not automatically stop.

5. The DJI Virtual Flight app currently supports only iOS devices.

6. The DJI Motion Controller is sold separately.

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