South Wales Drones in Scotland

Welcome to South Wales Drones

South Wales Drones is a professional drone operating company. Providing specialised services for our valued customers is at the heart of our operations. Our services include:

  • Media Production
  • Inspection
  • Selling drones
  • Tutorials on drone piloting
  • Repairs

Our speciality is in FPV drone flying but we can deliver on a multitude of areas that meet our client needs. 

Interested in Buying something NEW?

Why not have a look at our shop. We have Autel and DJI Drones with Welsh made vinyl Wraps. Insta360 cameras and Ronin gimbals.

South Wales Drones with Welsh Vinyl
South Wales Drones Adventure Filming in Wales

Professional Aerial Photography and Video

Unmanned aerial vehicles or “Drones” are used to capture amazing images and videos from an aerial perspective.
Drones have the versatility to gain access to places previously unreachable by other means.
The capabilities of a drone mean that photography can be achieved quickly, quietly and more cheaply than more traditional methods.
Have a seemingly impossible task in photography?  Contact us; the uses of a drone are endless!