Polar Pro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series Exposure Filters


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Product Highlights

  • Heavy-Stop Aerial Photography ND Filters
  • Capture Saturated, Lifelike Photos
  • ND128, ND256, and ND1000 Filters
  • Magnetic Filter Case
  • Production-Grade Multi-Coated Glass
  • AirFrame Aircraft Aluminum Construction

Out of stock

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Cinema Series Exposure Collection

The Cinema Series Exposure Collection for Mavic 2 Pro from PolarPro includes three heavy-stop neutral density filters for long-exposure aerial photography (these filters are not made for video applications). The set comes in a magnetic filter case that has been redesigned from previous versions to provide even more efficient access to the filters. These filters let you capture saturated, lifelike photos of ocean waves, waterfalls, and other moving subjects. They twist onto the DJI Mavic 2 Pro in place of the stock UV filter.

The Cinema Series features production-grade multi-coated glass and PolarPro’s AirFrame ultra-lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum construction. Cinema Series filters are designed with hydrophobic coating that repels oils and water, optical ND coating that allows for optimal transmission while ensuring a hyper-neutral color profile, and scratch-resistant coating that increases surface hardness for a more durable exterior.

Key Features

Cinema Series multi-coated glass with AirFrame ultra-lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum construction

ND128, ND256, and ND1000 filters cut light by 7, 8, and 10 f-stops respectively

Hydrophobic, optical ND, and scratch-resistant coatings


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